Simple and clear information for the kitchen

Reservations sent to the kitchens 👨🏼‍🍳

Anticipation of the quantities to be prepared for all the dishes proposed to the reservation. I only bring out fridges that will be really consumed!

Access to the nominative list of orders. I have consumptions data!

Cancellation alerts. I adjust the quantities in the morning!

Measure of user satisfaction 🥇

Rating of dishes by the guests. I have a user feedback that allows me to improve the recipes!

Customer feedback. I earn in excellence, the customers finish their plates, I reduce the reprocessing of the waste!

Instant messaging service 💬

Kitchen crews contact Meal Canteen. I have a listen on my suggestions to improve the service Meal Canteen!

If needed. I have immediate assistance with the technical teams of Meal Canteen!

We cook something good!

Contact Us!

contacter Meal Canteen

You can contact us at +33 7 68 30 62 31
Or visit us 124 rue Réaumur, 75002 PARIS