Simple and clear proposal for the user

Consultation of the menus 🍽

I can consult and choose my dishes, I contribute to the reduction of food waste.

I have information and indications on the origin of products, composition, allergens, nutri-score. I even have anecdotes about the dishes.

Menu notation ⭐⭐⭐

I renovate my relationship with the kitchen, I contribute to the improvement of dishes. I help the kitchen to understand and retain its guests.

Kitchens gain in excellence. I finish my plate. I contribute to the reduction of food waste.

Insurance to have your dishes 😋

I have the assurance to have my dishes, despite a late arrival. I am sure that my reservation is waiting for me.

Thanks to the advance booking, I can quietly come at the time I want.

We cook something good!

Contact Us !

contacter Meal Canteen

You can contact us at +33 7 68 30 62 31
Or visit us 124 rue Réaumur, 75002 PARIS